Knock in the Night

The Story of an Escape from Socialism by Refugee #M14543.
Written by Balazs Szabo.

About Knock in the Night

Knock In The Night is a riveting story of life under Soviet communist occupied Hungary and a brave escape in 1956 The book is a warning to all complacent global citizens on the tyranny of large governments and their corruption. Understand the US constitution to avoid the temptation of Socialism!

After the Second World War, in Soviet occupied Hungary, everyone waited for the dreaded "Knock" in the night. When it finally came to Balazs and his family, he knew he had to act.

Not since the discovery of Anne Frank's autobiography, has there been another first-hand account of a life spent under terror and an oppressive regime, so vivid and captivating as, KNOCK IN THE NIGHT.

The author's narrative in third person, shares painful and tender anecdotes that makes one laugh or moves one to tears. Balazs was barely thirteen by the time the violence of the Soviet Communist occupation led to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. After it's bloody defeat, he set out alone to defect from behind the Iron Curtain to the USA.

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